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Why The Timing Is Good to Sell Your Alabaster Home

If you heard that there are 137 homes available for sale in a general area of town, would you consider that to be a high number?

Fewer than 140 homes are currently available for sale in the general Alabaster, Maylene and Saginaw areas, according to the Greater Alabama MLS.

History answers that question.

In the Alabaster area—one part of Birmingham where we have helped many people with buying and selling homes—that’s the number of properties currently available for Buyers to choose from.

Truth is, it’s the lowest number we can ever remember seeing!

After all, the Alabaster area, during previous years, has seen over 400 homes for sale.

Why the drop in inventory?

Several reasons are factors, including the simple fact that the market rises and falls, swinging back and forth, as far as how many homeowners are trying to sell at any given time.

For the past few years, Alabaster’s popularity as a place to call home has grown substantially, making demand for homes higher.

The City’s decision to form its own school system (Alabaster’s new high school opens this fall) has led to a huge rise in interest. People who wanted to live in Shelby Co. previously, but were not as interested in Alabaster because of its schools, see things differently now, given the commitment area leaders have made to education. And it’s not just that government leaders talk about having good schools…they’re backing it up with money.

Alabaster High School

Alabaster’s new high school, located on 128 acres, is scheduled to be completed in mid July.

Then there’s the general development the City is continuing to see.  More restaurants and other businesses are locating in Alabaster, which is great news for the local economy, since it will help the tax base grow.

On a more personal level, people are discovering what most long-time Alabaster residents have already known: The quality of life is good, and it’s not expensive to live here. The area contains many great neighborhoods with nice homes starting at under $200,000.  

The City’s Veterans Park on Hwy 119 is a favorite with residents throughout the county.  With walking tracks, playgrounds, skate park, disc golf, picnic areas and more, the park has become a popular gathering spot.

Covering 90 acres, Alabaster’s Veterans Park includes two miles of lighted walking tracks, two playgrounds, nine picnic shelters and a dog park complete with clubhouse, splash pool and agility training course.

People want good police and fire protection. They want streets in good condition, along with clean water. And they’re happy to do without exorbitant sewer bills.  Alabaster provides that.

For parents wanting their kids to grow up in a positive environment, as well as retirees wanting to downsize, Alabaster makes a strong case.

Bottom line:  You can get a lot of home for the money in Alabaster.

When we talk with homeowners who are thinking about selling, we ask this question:  “Would you be ready to move sooner, rather than later, after we list your home?” That’s because of so many cases we see where newly listed homes get showings and Offers only a few days after going on market.

With inventory so low in the Alabaster area, homes that are in nice condition and priced appropriately for the market typically don’t stay available long.

That current 137 number also stands as a message to Buyers.

If you see something you like that’s in your price range, there could well be a price to pay for thinking about it too long … someone else may come along and grab it!

David Black

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