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When buying a home, we can’t stress enough the importance of working with a knowledgeable Lender. Below is a list of Lenders, presented alphabetically, with a reputation for providing helpful, professional service.

The area code for all numbers below is 205.

KC Haririan, MBA, CLO
First Federal Mortgage
2871 Acton Rd Ste 200
Birmingham, AL 35243
Office: 969-3384 Cell: 999-1386
E-mail: kc@1stfed.com
Website: KC Haririan – First Federal Mortgage

Jordan Hosey
Wells Fargo
E-mail: jordan.hosey@wellsfargo.com
Website: Jordan Hosey – Wells Fargo

Gloria Jackson
First Federal Mortgage
2871 Acton Rd
Birmingham, AL 35243
Office: 969-3334 Cell: 965-2167
E-mail: gjackson@1stfed.com
Website: Gloria Jackson – First Federal Mortgage

Woody Woodfin
MortgageAmerica, Inc.
1800 International Park Dr Ste 100
Birmingham, AL 35243
Cell: 229-2877
Website: Woody Woodfin – Mortgage America, Inc.